Quality Assurance

All welders at Stainless Solutions are ASME Section IX certified in manual and orbital processes. During weld inspection, each orbital weld is borescoped 3 times prior to acceptance. Fabrication is done in accordance with the ASME / BPE guidelines. Turn over packages on each part provided by Stainless Solutions includes, but is not limited to, Material Test Reports, Weld Logs, Weld / Heat Maps, Master Travelers, Surface Finish certification, EP / Passivation certification, and drawings. Our testing services include Hydrostatic testing, Dye Penetrant testing, Surface Finish testing, Saline testing, Positive Material Identification testing, Ferrite testing, and Riboflavin CIP coverage testing.


Custom Spray
Ball Assemblies

The heartbeat of Stainless Solutions is our custom Spray Ball and CIP assemblies. Each custom designed and drilled spray ball assembly is designed using the latest 3D modeling software. During our design process, we first account for the critical nature of the flow rate and pressure desired and / or required for service. Once the spray ball assembly is custom designed, we then drill each assembly with one of our 5 axis machining centers. Each of our custom designed and drilled spray ball assemblies is archived for replacement if necessary. With the most comprehensive size and material of spray balls in-stock, we are able to supply your needs from 1.25″ diameter up to 5″ diameter spray balls, and material in 316L SS, Nickel and Duplex Alloys. We also custom design and drill many other CIP assemblies included sparge tubes, spray rings, bubble sprays, and spray wands.


and Passivation

Electropolishing and Passivation is performed at the completion of fabrication. Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes material, and is used to polish, passivate, and deburr. Passivation is the process of chemically enhancing / expediting the passive layer on stainless steel to help create a corrosion resistant layer. Our technicians work with items fabricated in-house, as well as pieces that have been machined or fabricated elsewhere. Our capabilities also allow us to come on-site and take care of you and your passivation needs!



Stainless Solutions has quickly become an industry leader in providing high purity process piping and spool pieces. All orbital welding is done here in house to save you the essential time and money required for the successful completion of your project. All tube and fittings undergo a documented receiving inspection program in order to meet our highest of quality standards. Whether you are replacing sections of a ¼” gas line, or putting a whole new system of 6″ product lines, we’ve got the orbital welding equipment and experience to provide you with the purest of welds.


Spray Balls

Standard drilled spray balls are seen throughout the food, beverage, and dairy industries. Drilled in 360-Degree, 270-Degree, 180-Degree Up, 180-Degree Down, and 180-Degree Side patterns. Flow rates for standard spray balls range from 3 GPM’s @ 25 PSI to over 100+ GPM’s @ 25 PSI. Most common flow rates are 20 GPM’s, 30 GPM’s and 40 GPM’s @ 25 PSI. Butt weld, slip fit, tri-clamp, and threaded connections with full assembly available to meet your needs.



Whether it’s one piece, or one-thousand, our machine shop is ready to “step up to the plate” and provide you with highest quality machined parts that only an expert machinist can provide. Our machine shop specializes in custom machined items that may require more than just our CNC machining centers. With numerous mills and lathes to hold those tightest of tolerances, our expert machinists are ready to provide you with the components necessary for your unique equipment.


CIP Testing

Our CIP technicians have helped facilitate CIP / Riboflavin coverage testing across the globe. With experience at end users facilities, as well as vessel fabrication shops, we are able to assist with CIP testing and help train your team and assist with their needs. We provide this value added service to give you the confidence needed in your Spray ball / CIP device supplier. 


Vessel Trim

Every application and process is unique, just like each vessel and the trim package that goes with it. Whether it’s a no-foam, dip-tube, thermowell, sparger, manifold, overflow, valve modifications, or push cart, we are here to come along side of you and let you focus on the vessel while we focus on the trim package.


On-site Cleaning
and Passivation

Stainless Solutions has a team of thoroughly trained technicians, along with all required equipment to provide an industrial tank cleaning and passivation on either a maintenance or individual project basis. All Stainless Solutions employees are OSHA 10 and confined space entry trained and have experience cleaning and passivating even the most difficult of spaces. We pride ourselves on a strategic approach to each project, along with our long list of eco and bio friendly chemicals that will meet any facilities needs and requirements.