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Custom Spray ball Assembly


Each custom designed and drilled spray ball assembly is designed using the latest 3D modeling software. During our design process, we first account for the critical nature of the flow rate and pressure desired and / or required for service.

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Standard Spray ball


Standard drilled spray balls and spray ball assemblies are seen throughout the food, beverage, and dairy industries. Our standard drilled sprayballs are available in 360-Degree, 270-Degree, 180-Degree Up, 180-Degree Down, and 180-Degree Side patterns. Flow rates from 3 GPM’s up to 100+ GPM’s.

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Riboflavin CIP Coverage Testing


Our CIP technicians have helped facilitate CIP / Riboflavin coverage testing across the globe.

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Vessel Trim Piece


All welders at Stainless Solutions are ASME Section IX certified in manual and orbital processes.

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Orbital Weld Outlet Manifold


All orbital welding is done here in house to save you the essential time and money required for the successful completion of your project.

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Re-Defining Quality in CIP and Process Systems!

Quality Driven

With decades of experience in the Bio / Pharmaceutical and Food / Beverage industries, we recognize the need to fabricate each component according to the ASME / BPE standards.

Customer Focused

Our customers are much more than buyers. They are team members which drive the quality and innovation of our products for the completion of successful projects across the globe.

Cost Effective

By outsourcing vessel trim and process system components, your organization will receive the Value-Added benefits of increased profitability and overall quality of the vessel and / or process system.

Time Sensitive

Whether a drawing needed for approval, or a fabricated component to get your system back on-line, our team is ready to provide the solution to your need efficiently and effectively.