The Finest in High
Purity Fabrication

Stainless Solutions is a supply chain fabricator of High Purity stainless steel process system components and accessories. From our facility in southwest Missouri, we supply many OEM items and replacements that are used world-wide. Impeccable Craftsmanship is the blood that flows through our veins, and is evident in every item that is produced. Whether an order is for one or one hundred items, each order is treated with the same attention and care to assure the purchaser that they receive exactly what they want. We are driven by our customers need for the finest in high purity fabrication.

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01. Quality Driven

With decades of experience in the Bio / Pharmaceutical and Food / Beverage industries, we recognize the need to fabricate each component according to the ASME / BPE standards.


02. Customer Focused

Our customers are much more than buyers. They are team members which drive the quality and innovation of our products for the completion of successful projects across the globe.


03. Cost Effective

By outsourcing vessel trim and process system components, your organization will receive the Value-Added benefits of increased profitability and overall quality of the vessel and/or process system.


04. Time Sensitive

Whether a drawing needed for approval, or a fabricated component to get your system back on-line, our team is ready to provide the solution to your need efficiently and effectively.